Craft Apple by Steelite

The Apple colourway is a bright, energetic and fresh hue which adds a distinctly contemporary tone to the Craft range. The Apple colourway promotes a feeling of wholesome well being, amplifying the perceived beneficial effects of healthy eating. The overall impression is one of warmth and familiarity with the zing of spring.

Craft Apple co-ordinates beautifully with many of the existing Craft colours, particularly Craft Raspberry, which offers a natural and exciting counterpoint.

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Our Inspiration

The carefully considered design and inspiration behind the Craft Apple hue were created with a trend-based view, both from a design and a societal standpoint. Appleā€™s tone creates a sense of calm, relating to the current season, as well as symbolising hope and signalling a rebirth within the hospitality industry.

The rise in vegan, plant-based and health-conscious menus provides an opportunity to showcase menus differently, focusing on green palettes, literally and figuratively.

Whether sweet or savoury, Craft Apple provides a unique and stunning platform from which Chefs can showcase their ultimate creativity.

The new apple colourway can be mixed with existing Craft colours, or make its own statement.

Craft Brochure

View the entire range of Craft items, including the brand new Apple and Raspberry colours, in the brand new Craft brochure below