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The Value of Initial Investment

The temptation to buy cheaper, imported tableware is a natural reaction when times are tough.

However, the on-going cost of replacing tableware will far outweigh any perceived initial savings. While purchasing Steelite International tableware may seem expensive in comparison to cheaper imported tableware, its high alumina content makes Steelite International tableware extremely strong and durable – and less likely to chip or crack during service.

Cheaper imports or porcelain tableware is likely to result in the need for more regular replacements, which in turn will cost you more money. Over a period of five years, you could spend at least 20% more on your tableware.

“Investing in quality tableware ultimately gives a sense of security for guests. It says to them that the detail is being looked after, and you’re in a safe pair of hands. This in turn also demonstrates consumer confidence in the hygiene of the venue. Tradition is important and quality tableware is something which is an expectation of guests when dining out. We at Firmdale have our own signature “Mythical Creature” and “Sailor’s Farewell” sets which are designed by the owner and give us an identity and talking point. While the initial cost of quality tableware can seem expensive, it has long term benefits as you don’t have to keep re-ordering – providing care is taken with them, so the investment is worth it. Basic things such as resistance to wear, being non-porous and not affected by acid erosion is obviously important, quality tableware ensures this is covered.”

Alex Cooper, F&B manager at the Haymarket Hotel.

“Investing in cheap tableware means that the entire setting looks sad and it automatically shows that the quality of what will come to your table may not be of the best and that the establishment may be cutting more corners than meets the eye.”

Cyrus Todiwala, Chef Proprietor at Café Spice Namasté and TV Chef

“First impressions matter. It’s not always about the food, it’s what it is served on and that sets the right mood for the diner, it also sets off the visual aspect of the product you are putting on the plate as well as getting the colour palette correct.”

Dean Wilson-Hartles, Head of Food and Drink Development Leisure & Concessions, The Restaurant Group

Made in Britain

Steelite International tableware is made to exacting standards – and, more importantly made for life. All tableware manufactured at our Stoke-on-Trent site comes with a Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty, our commitment to producing an excellent quality product that will stand the test of time – and the kitchen.

Our Performance and Distinction collections benefit from:

• a high alumina content increasing strength and providing a whiter body colour

• comparable body strength across both collections

• considered design resulting in strong, practical products

• design and manufacturing processes working in parallel to produce the most durable solutions

• a tough glaze developed with product use in mind, on a par with porcelain hotelware products and resistant to industry strength detergents

• durable transparent glaze provides an excellent quality finish and great performance in service

• being thermal shockproof – take your product from freezer to oven or microwave to table with confidence*

• longer product life cycles – 2-3 times longer than typical porcelain products, manufacturing that meets international legislation and regulation regarding product performance

• many stackable ranges – from cups and saucers to teapots – keeping storage space to a minimum

• plate stacking that minimises foot to face contact reducing glaze wear and tear during storage**

• 53 quality checks – each piece is inspected, examined, and tested to ensure that it is fit for purpose

• Lifetime Edge-Chip Warranty giving added assurance that your Steelite International product will withstand the rigours of a busy commercial environment and remain chip-free***