The Nordic region has become synonymous with Chef’s skills in developing dishes utilising the very best local ingredients and presenting them in a sensitive and contemporary manner.

Such an important culinary aesthetic deserves its own platform and the new Nordic range encompasses these shared design values. The simple but sophisticated plate profiles allow Chef the space to present dishes that can ‘breathe’ whilst simultaneously being framed by a deep, gently curving rim. This enables the ultimate showcasing of some of the most innovative and influential cuisine.

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“The shape was developed specifically to facilitate the presentation of a Northern European style of cuisine. One which celebrates fresh, local, high-quality ingredients and which best showcases the skills of the Chef. For us, this meant a plain flat surface for ultimate plating simplicity and maximum visual impact with a focus on the food. The deep, gently curving sides help to frame the presentation and also provide an efficient and discrete method of carrying the plate to best enable the waiter to place it in front of the diner with elegance.”

Andrew Kilmecki – VP Design, Steelite International

Made in Britain
Lifetime Edge-Chip Warranty
Microwave, Freezer, and Dishwasher Safe