introducing Aurora by Steelite

Hand-applied two tone glazing

An artisan approach is used in decorating each piece of Aurora by hand. This accentuates the individuality and craftsmanship required in its creation and gives each piece personality. Two reactive glazes are used on each item, either to create contrast or to achieve a more sophisticated tonal look.

In either case, the effect is one of richness and vibrancy, enhancing the creativity associated with many cuisines. Aurora is backward compatible with both Revolution and Vesuvius ranges to further extend a creative and versatile presentation.

Aurora Vesuvius

Aurora Vesuvius is about tone-on-tone.

This is achieved by using the same glaze hue on each piece. Vesuvius Burnt Emerald is used in combination with Revolution Jade, Lapis with Bluestone, and Amber with Sandstone.

Check out Aurora Vesuvius Concept & Styling here.

Aurora Revolution

The Aurora Revolution collection is all about creating contrasts between the inside and outside of each piece.

This is achieved using the Sandstone glaze on the interior of the piece set against the darker, Jade, Bluestone and Granite on the outside.

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