Our Environmental Commitment Zero Waste Manufacturing

Our Waste Commitment

We’ve never taken our commitment to recycling waste material lightly, with it always at the top of the priority list. The more we strive towards reducing the waste total, the better we become.

Our current figures see us directly recycling 99.6% of all waste leaving site, reintroduced as a secondary raw material for another industry or shredded for calorific value in an energy from waste plant close to our plant, and for sure, this isn’t the end of our goal.

Our dedicated team knows that this isn’t just something that we feel strongly about but the consumer as well.

What We Recycle

Paper and Cardboard is recycled back into the cardboard industry.

Scrap Metal is recycled back into the sheet metal industry.

Pitcher Waste (broken, fired ceramics) are introduced into roof tiles as a secondary raw material at a nearby tile manufacturers (Marley Eternit Tiles).

Plaster Moulds are recycled into plaster board material for the building industry.

Refractory Waste (broken kiln furniture) is introduced as an aggregate used by several industries.

Scrap Wood goes to a wood chip plant which turns the waste into chipboard for the building industry.

General Waste goes to an energy waste plant after going through a hand sorting operation to ensure that all simple recyclable items have been removed.

Less Than 0.4% of our total waste by weight or volume leaves our site destined for landfill. This material is waste ceramic fibres as it is hazardous and has no other use.

We are still running an ISO 9001 & 14000 site, with the introduction of the 2015 edition being used based around risk. This has refocused our goals, on energy and waste more than ever.

Awards & Achievements

Steelite International is a member of The Green Organisation that rewards and promotes environmental best practice around the world, and the Staffordshire Business & Environmental Network, which aims to help local businesses reduce environmental impacts while also generating profits.

Our latest Green Apple Award came in 2019 for our Environmental Best Practice.

A total of 574 trees were planted in the Steelite’s name through the organisation, offsetting carbon footprint further.

By using Woodland Trust printer paper, we have helped to fund 1.86 hectares of new native UK woodland during 2019, to capture 743 tonnes of CO2.

As a nominated supplier of Accor Steelite International has to comply with their Planet 21 specification. We have been awarded a silver medal in recognition of CSR achievement!

Industry Pioneers

Our approach to manufacturing means we’re never satisfied with where we currently are. There’s always something more we can do to reduce our impact and make products better for the end user and the community.

Learn more about our innovations in environmental manufacturing.

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