Environmental Credentials

Living in a world with finite resources but an ever growing population and demand for products has led all industries to review their stance on environmental impact.

At Steelite International, we put our commitment to the environment at the very forefront of the company, instilling it as one of our main pillars of success for not only ourselves, but our community and the wider world.

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Zero Waste Manufacturing

One of the goal that drives us is our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, with the main target always being a zero waste manufacturing process.

Throughout the entire process, there’s sure to be a method we’ve improved upon and are leading the way within the hospitality industry.

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Environmental Innovation

For years, we’ve been at the very forefront of innovation within the hospitality manufacturing industry in all aspects, and our environmental impact reduction is no exception.

Through cutting edge techniques, we’ve vastly reduced our footprint. Learn more about our manufacturing innovations here.

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